Volodymyr Kochmar was born in Ukraine in 1970.
Today he lives in Ukraine and works in a creative workshop in Kharkiv.
From 1997 until the present time Volodymyr has been teaching at Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and currently he is the Assistant Professor of drawing.
Since 2000 he has been a member of the Ukrainian National Association of Artists.

Since 1995 Volodymyr has been a participant of regional, national and international exhibitions and symposiums.

He is an author of plaques, busts and monuments.


1990 -1992 Kharkiv State Art School.

1992 -1997 Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.


Municipal Award Winner, 2008, Kharkiv.

Grand Prix for the sculpture Adam and Eve at the Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture 2008, Central House of Artists, Kiev.

First Prix for the sculptures Chariot 1 and Chariot 2 at the Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture 2020, Central House of Artists, Kiev.

museum collections

Museum of Contemporary Art Soviart. Kiev, Ukraine.
Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine.
The Kharkiv Sergiy Vasylkivskyi Municipal Gallery, Ukraine. 
Modern Art Gallery «АС». Kharkiv, Ukraine. 
Fund Collection Gallery ART-Penza.; Penza, Russia.
Jilin Automobile Museum. Changchun, China.
Lviv Sheptitsky National Museum. Lviv, Ukraine.
National Museum Kyiv Art Gallery, Kyiv.

private collections

Ukraine, Russia, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, France, Portugal.

art installations

Ukraine: Kharkiv, Donetsk, Bucha, Kaniv, Pokrov, Gorlovka, Kherson,
Poltava, Lviv.
Turkey: Izmir, Marmaris.
China: Changchun.
Poland: Suwalki.
France: Saint Panteleimon, Correze; Saint-Michel-de-Chavaignes, Sarthe.
Canada: Quebec, Saint Georges.
Japan: Yukuhashi.
Germany: Nebelitshuts.
Czech Republic: Horice.
Russia: Penza, Belgorod.


2016 «NU» Painting, drawing, sculpture. Gallery «Art Slobozhanshchina», Kharkiv.

2016 «Form and color» Volodymyr Kochmar, Victor zvolskiy. Painting, drawing, sculpture. Kharkiv Children's Art School, Kharkiv

2016 «Small form». Painting, drawing, sculpture. Kharkiv Art Museum. Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2016 « POINT OF VIEW FROM WEST TO EAST. » II International Festival of Arts "Anna Kievskaya Fest». Kyiv National Sanctuary «Sophia». Kyiv, Ukraine.

2016 «Civilization of Love». Creative Association «Burime». YERMILOV Center. Kharkov, Ukraine.

2016 «Sculpture»: Exhibition of sculptures. Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum. Lviv, Ukraine.

2015 IX International Triennial Eco Poster «4th Block» , Gallery «Vovatanya» Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2015 Great Sculpture Exhibition 2015. Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine.

2015 Personal exhibition «Sculpture». The Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2014 Passeism bronzes.  Sculptural Exhibition by V. Kochmar. AC Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2013 From Trypillia until Nowadays.   Central Artists’ House, Kiev, Ukraine.

2013 The sculture about the sculpture. YERMILOV Center, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Remove the casual strokes

2013 Exhibition of sculptures. Central Artists’ House, Kherson, Ukraine.

2013 The Exhibition of Japanese Sculptures. 24th International Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture 2013 at Miyazaki Airport, Japan.

2012 Sculpture. Museum of Private Collections.  Kiev, Ukraine.

2012 «The Great Sculptural Salon 2012». National Center «Ukrainian House», Kiev, Ukraine.

2011 From Trypillia until Nowadays.The Central Artists’ House, Kiev, Ukraine.

2011 Sculptures Parade for 15 years the gallery, ARTpodval. The Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2011 Ukrainian Sculpture Triennale. Central Artist House, Kiev, Ukraine.

2011 Great Sculpture Exhibition 2011. Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine.

2010 «Modern sculpture Kharkiv». Central Artists’ House, Kiev, Ukraine.

2010 «New anthology: child’s portrait». Centre of Art Criticism «Academy», Kharkov, Ukraine.

2010 «XX-XXI. Transit». The Gallery of Modern Arts АС, Kharkov, Ukraine.

2010 «The Great Sculptural Salon 2010». National Center «Ukrainian House», Kiev, Ukraine.

2009 GAGARINFEST, Festival of Modern Art. Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2008 Anniversary Exhibition of the Organization of the Artists’ Union of Ukraine. The Artists’ House, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2008 Anniversary Exhibition Gallery «АВЕК». AVEK Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2008 Ukrainian Sculpture Triennale – 2008 The Central Artists’ House, Kiev, Ukraine.

2008 GOGOLFEST 2008. Festival of Contemporary Art «People and Idols». Authors: Oleksandr Ridnyi, Volodymyr Kochmar, Anna Ivanova. Art Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine.

2008 «Magical and Perpetual» - «Nude». Kharkiv Organization of the Artists’ Union of Ukraine. The Artists’ House of Kharkiv.

2007 «Design and metaphors». Personal exhibition. The Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine.

2007 «The Art Against the Salon». Minor forms sculptures. Art gallery 13, Donetsk, Ukraine.

2007 «Studies». Volodymyrr Kochmar, Oleksandr Shylo. Painting, graphics, sculpture. The Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Ukraine.

2006 «The Teacher and Students». The Eighth Exhibition of the works of teachers, staff and students of educational institutions of Kharkiv city. AVEK Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2005 «Favorite size». Sculptural small plastic arts, objects, installations, and video. The Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Ukraine.

2005 «FIDEM XXIX 2004» .Art Medal World Congress, Lisbon, Portugal.

2004 «Travel». Personal exhibition. The Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Ukraine.

2004 «Capital Express».  Personal exhibition. К-11 Club Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.

2004 «Bright twinkling». Painting, graphics, sculpture. AVEK Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine.

2003 The Fifth Exhibition of Creative Works of teachers, employees and students of the institute of higher education.  The Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2003 « Remove the casual strokes ». Painting and graphics by independent studio artist. The Kharkiv Scientists’ House, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2003 «King Size». Minor Forms Sculpture Exhibition. Palitra Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2002 «The Other Dimension». Sculpture exhibition. АVЕК Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2000 «On the Boundary of Millennia». Personal exhibition under the egis of the Third  Sculpture Exhibition by the Kharkiv organization of Artists’ Union of Ukraine. The House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


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